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CSL invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. CSL's products offer installers a simple and reliable product - powered by the robust Gemini Platform. 

CSL's product range include the DualCom GradeShift, the UK’s fastest selling and most used dual signalling system. The Dualcom Gradeshift offers installers a reliable product that is easy to install on a single hardware platform for any grade of risk. It provides multiple signalling paths that embrace all available technologies.

CSL's Single path products – DigiAir, G2r and G3r – eliminate call costs and are the ideal solution where there is no telephone line available.

All products are supplied with the multi-network WorldSIM which uses a patented roaming algorithm to increase signal reliability and reduce false alarms. The WorldSIM is guided by Gemini to automatically select the best network so that fewer line faults are sent to North East Monitoring, meaning fewer false alarms for installers and end-users.

CSL Dualcom products are suitable for monitoring Intruder, Fire, Lifts and Temperature Systems. | pdfCSL Security Range brochure


CSL Videos GradeshiftDigi AirDigi +

CSL Digi Air

Now integrating with security system manufacturers.

CSL Dualcom Gradeshift

Features of the CSL Dualcom gradeshift product


The CSL app. Monitor your estate of CSL products that you maintain.

Who are CSL

An introduction to CSL.

CSL Gradeshift GPRS



Remotely up / down grade the unit to match the system and insurers requirements. One unit can be configured for Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 signalling.

Single & Dual Path Signalling

Single and dualpath signalling products are available. Signalling paths include GPRS, IP and PSTN. Dualpath signalling is preffered by insurers and the police.

Multi-Network World SIM®

Access to all mobile networks in a single product at no extra cost giving you redundancy in GPRS signalling.

Path Failures Detected in Seconds

Signalling path failures are detected in seconds and reported to the ARC. Failures include line cutting, GSM blocking and network failures.

CSL Emizon TCD


EN50136 & EN54 insurance approval

Independently verified to meet the requirements of EN50136 and EN54

Encrypted Signalling

Encryption on all signalling paths. IP/GPRS/LTE network connectivity

Multi-Network World SIM®

WorldSIM uses a patented roaming algorithm to select the strongest network and eliminate downtime offering the best guarantee of radio coverage.

Extended Signalling Format

Extended Format signalling to provide ARCs with more detailed information about the protected premises and alarm events.

CSL Digi Air

csl dualcom digi air

No Phone Line

No PSTN phoneline required. Eliminate digital communicator call charges with a fixed cost. Signalling is uneffected by next generation networks (NGN).

Multi-Network World SIM®

Access to all mobile networks in a single product at no extra cost giving you redundancy in GPRS signalling.

Grade 2 Signalling

Conforms to Grade 2 signalling standards and is small enough to fit into most intruder alarm panels.

Multi Format Signalling

As well as the on board inputs for fast format, Contact ID and SIA extended formats are available.

CSL Connected


Market Leading Manufacturers

Developed alongside market leading manufacturers.

Multi-Network World SIM®

Access to all mobile networks in a single product at no extra cost giving you redundancy in GPRS signalling.

Grade 2 Signalling

Conforms to Grade 2 signalling standards.

Multi Format Signalling

Fast format, Contact ID and SIA extended formats direct from the intruder alarm panel.

CSL Digi Plus

csl digi plus

21CN NGN Compatible

Ensures your digital communicator can still communicate when Next Generation Networks are rolled out.

System Poll Calls

The ARC will be alerted when the communicator fails to poll ensuring that communications are working correctly.

Reduced Call Cost

Free alarm and polling calls and reduced end user costs as telephone call costs disappear.

Signalling Methods

CSL Dualcom

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