North East Monitoring Services Ltd

Circumstances surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are constantly evolving. We continue to closely monitor its impact and take precautionary measures aligned with the latest information and global guidance.

In the light of the current situation, we are currently following government guidelines with respect to the safety and wellbeing of our employees and visitors to our premises.

As an NSI approved BS EN ISO 9000 certified alarm receiving centre we have in place contingency measures such that in the event of natural disaster or other disruption, we can continue to monitor your security systems 24/7 365 days a year. We are able in case of such emergency to deploy monitoring staff to a separate remote location to continue providing our services and whilst deployment takes place, continue to operate via remote access to our present systems.

Under these circumstances we are confident that there should be no disruption to our level of service.

We continually monitor the government’s advice and even in the event of a lockdown situation we will have staff on site to maintain services. We have currently advised our engineering staff to take appropriate actions to ensure their safety and that of others whom they come into contact with during the course of their duties.

All members of staff are also required to inform us if they have recently been to any affected territories or have knowingly come into close contact with individuals who may have visited these places or people suffering any of the reported symptoms. Staff members are required to inform us and self-isolate should they themselves suffer any of the reported symptoms.

Thank you for your continued support Please stay safe and rest assured that we have your monitoring requirements covered.

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