CCTV Monitoring

About Our CCTV Monitoring Services

Premises protection starts at the perimeter, detecting intruders before any potential problems occur. An effective site security solution must provide reliable and effective. North East Monitoring provide remote CCTV monitoring so security threats can be detected, assessed and responded to quickly with minimal false alarms so the relevant personnel and services can be deployed efficiently. If an intruder is detected high quality images are transmitted to the RVRC so operators can see exactly what is happening and initiate the appropriate response.
Upon activity being detected on site by your CCTV system, our trained RVRC operators will take control of your CCTV system upon activation, touring the site to check for suspicious activity. Audio challenges are given to deter thieves and trespassers from entering or staying on your site. You will be safe in the knowledge that you will be informed immediately of intruders on your premises. All of the operators activity is fully audited while they are connected to your system.
We utilise the Immix Protect platform to provide CCTV monitoring from a wide variety of manufacturers.