About Our Fire Monitoring Services

North East Monitoring provide remote monitoring services for fire alarm systems. Our services are provided directly to the installer / maintainer of the fire systems.
Whether your alarms are Keyholder only, or require Fire brigade response, our experienced operators can provide a reliable, friendly and efficient service, tailored to meet the needs of both you and your clients. The type of service that can not be offered by large impersonal companies.

CSL Group

CSL Group

Gradeshift (DC5), UDL (DC6), Pro & Connected Platforms
BT Redcare Monitoring

BT Redcare

Classic, GSM, Essential, Advanced, Ultimate
CSL Group

CSL Group

CSL invented integrated dual signalling back in 1996 and pioneered the move from wired to wireless technology in the electronic security industry. CSL’s products offer installers a simple and reliable product.

After the recent acquisitions of Webway and Emizon a new signalling product has been created to give you the best technology from all three companies.

Dualcom offer a single path (SP3) and a dual path (DP2) fire monitoring devices that are EN54 approved. Pro offers installers a reliable product that is easy to install on a single hardware platform for any grade of risk. It provides multiple signalling paths that embrace all available technologies.

Digi Air Pro Fire

GradeShift Air Pro Fire Radio uses a 4G WorldSIM to send its signal. Every DigiAir Pro is supplied with a network diverse standby WorldSIM to safeguard your system. Signals will be sent via this standby SIM, should the primary SIM lose its connection.

Gradeshift Pro Fire Dual Path

GradeShift Pro Fire Radio / Radio uses two active 4G WorldSIMs, one as the primary and one as the secondary path. Each SIM operates on an independent network from the other and their own radio module for total resilience.

BT Redcare Monitoring

BT Redcare

Redcare sits at the heart of home and business security, bridging the gap between customers, installers and Alarm Receiving Centres. Backed by BT’s trusted technology, and the largest R&D budget in the UK, we’ve been leading the way in reliable alarm signalling for over 30 years.

Redcare have released their new portfolio of products which have EN54 approved variants. They have introduced faster and smarter ways to protect homes and businesses with the launch of five new products Essential, Essential Extra, Advanced, Advanced Extra and Ultimate.

Essential Extra

A wireless dual path alarm signalling system with two (always on and always monitored) 4G SIMs. Giving low to medium risk sites twice the protection for both fire and security. And with no wiring to worry about, it couldn’t be easier to set up.

Advanced Extra

Advanced Extra gives your home or business fire alarm signalling that can change with your needs. It comes with two signalling paths for twice the reassurance.
It’s monitored by experts that keep an eye on your property day and night. And it comes with even faster reporting times. That means if there’s a fault with the connection, experts will know about it in just 180 seconds.